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JudoCARE is a video arbitration tool to help make sure the right player gets the win. Through this internal improvement, we aim to attract and retain more athletes, coaches, spectators, and sponsors to judo. JudoCARE is among the world's largest providers of video analytics system used in referee arbitration in sports of Judo. Customers include major NGBs and elite national and international point tournaments in continents of Asia, Europe, N.America, S.America, India, Africa and Australia.



The new CARE will provide innovative referee training opportunities resulting in improved referee performance during tournaments. Judicial use of CARE will lead to a better image of referees among players, coaches, and spectators. We may someday achieve referee professionalization. Through this project, I aim to establish a revolutionary CARE based training center. It will use state-of-the art digital technologies for reviewing actual judo situations to support education and further training and development of referees. The suggested methods will enable us to achieve higher accuracy of decision-making, and improve the fairness of matches. The CARE based training will prevent speculations and guesses concerning the appreciation of a technique. It will be useful to coaches, referees, and most importantly the players. All in all, judo wins.


The responsibility of on-site setup and troubleshooting resides with the tournament director/chief referee. Under this plan, the CARE system will be bought, stored, configured, delivered, and installed by the tournament director. The tournament director with help of Chief Referee will ensure a sufficient number of CARE referees are present to operate care.


A training center will provide an opportunity for everybody (players, coaches, journalists, the general public, or referee prospects) to try out the actual job of a referee at various venues. This website contains every information necessary for self-study. Please take advantage of it. If you need more training, professional training can be provided by CARE consultants. The consultants will travel to your site and conduct a day training session. This is a for-fee consulting service. However, there will be training opportunities provided by CARE referees at some tournaments pending the trainer's availability. The training opportunity will be announced during the referee meeting, if available.


It's an economical one camera system suitable for local tournaments. Because there is only one cam, the laptop does not need to be powerful. The photo shows my daughter's 6 years old laptop and equally old webcam on a desktop tripod. I commandeer her laptop for local tournaments.


This is a photo of three CARE systems used in President's Cup and World Masters. These are heavy-duty systems. The processors are the latest, the cams are the latest high-definition with compression chip.

Camera angles and configuration


When the stakes are higher, use 4 cameras from east, west, south, north angles.

IJF uses two live camera operators from top and bottom of the mat.

Front View:

photo credit: IJF

In London 2012 Olympics, we saw PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera in place. Remotely human operated. A typical system is priced at $40K.

photo credit: IJF

2013 Paris Grand Slam Referee Table:

photo credit: Mark V. Lonsdale


An example of an education video created by the CARE system. Referee: Dr. Gary Berliner Judges: Janet Johnson, Raymond Saito