The judo care?
And fair in judo match, in order to assess the equality judgment, proposed by IJF (International Judo Federation), the introduction is the difference between the system. By the video playback, rewind, fast-forward, and you can do slow motion, at the same time during the match the operation of the pause, etc.. As a result, only one of the laptop accuracy of judgment, check the quality, etc. again, and real-time it is possible to determine. Moreover, since it has been used allowed as open source, each Judo Federation, or you will be able to freely use by the direction of the agency that operates the game.
(There is no strict requirement is. ※ 2013 the current year)
With respect to the "Judo care", If you are interested, please read the contents of the following.
In addition, those who we might want to now use, if you can contact us at E-mail address at the bottom page, I will tell the details.

Local competition, etc.
Used laptop, webcam used (video camera) one

In three of the game field by each single use cases (laptop, camera one)

National convention, etc., big game
Latest laptop and care system (CARE system)
(For three games field)
By judo care sets 1 arrangement example (in a laptop computer, two cameras and one by one game field)

Finals, etc.
Judo care two sets of use cases (in a laptop two, four of the camera)

IJF Judo care example of the use of (International Judo Federation)

Reflected from the previous

Reflected from behind

2012, care use cases in the London Olympics

The care case pack set?
In the following cases, we contains everything you need to judo care.
Including the latest notebook computer, two web cameras, code needed to connect (long, short, each 1) contains the tripod.
Please refer to the image below.
(※ does not include monitor

(※ monitor not included)

Settings way

Two of the mat before and after angle in the triangulation one of CARE

Use applications
And District tournament, prefectures each tournament, national convention, etc.
Coach or umpire of training (I know how to look from a different angle)
And other judo tournament, game, etc.

Care Case Set Price
$ 2,000 ( about ¥ 20万)  + (postage, commission)
※ Shipping depends on the idea region. For details, on the announcement the address, please contact us.