Hire me

I am available for consulting work.  My rates are reasonable, and I promise a professional result.  

For more information or to discuss your need, email me at dantman16@gmail.com  or facbook: dantman16

Operational Support
I can help you get the most out of judocare by answering all of your "how-to" questions and providing instruction on best practices, usage, and implementation.
 Performance Audits
I can review your dojo practice and make settings recommendations for managing and optimizing your resources, ensuring your judocare installation runs smoothly, efficiently, and securely.
Launching a new customer support platform within your organization can be a daunting task full of complex and unknown issues. I can help you to identify possible use cases and determine if judocare is a good fit for your organization.

Implementation Support
Need technical support for your judocare implementation? I am ready to help. Let me troubleshoot and resolve issues specific to your judocare installation.